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OGIS ultra trail Savinja, we are ready for the weekend

As the events are closing fast, it is time to organize the last interesting workouts and check the courses on parts of our longest 185 km trail. Its the most beautifull parts.

So sunday 21st is reserved for the beautiful course with 2 options starting in Kamniška Bistrica beside Koča v Kamniški Bistrici:

  • OPTION 1: climb to Kamniško sedlo and back (11 km with 1.280 m of hight difference, 3-5 hours in total)
  • OPTION 2: climb to Kamniško sedlo, descent to Okrešelj and Logarska dolina via Rinka waterfall (4-6 hours)

START 8.00 at Koča v Kamniški Bistrici. Option 2 requiers drive from the finish: Logarska dolina back to Kamniška Bistrica with transfer (1 hour by car), so for this option fee of 10 EUR is required to pay at the start. Reservations and confirmation only info@ultratrailsavinja.si or tel 041 346 346 NINO.

The weather will be nice, but dont forget the equipment and form that you need, for this kind of trip. See you soon

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