We are proud to announce that the Tourist Association of Slovenia at this year's event in Nova Gorica, on the occasion of the Days of Slovenian Tourism, ceremoniously announced the recipients of this year's awards of the traditional campaign My country, beautiful and hospitable. In the category of larger cities, Celje competed with Koper and Ljubljana for the title of the most organized and hospitable city. In the end, the expert committee chose Celje as the winner.
This recognition, which was accepted by Mayor Matija Kovač on behalf of Celje, means a lot to us and is also intended for all of us who live and create in the city and thus help shape the experience of an orderly and hospitable city.

We are happy that we are also part of this story, because it is precisely in Celje that we organize the most sports events and significantly contribute to the promotion and recognition of the city in a wider area.

Congratulations to the representatives of the Municipality of Celje and the mayor, Mr. Matija Kovač.

All we can say is KEEP GOING 🙂

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