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Program of the event is available to see

Becouse of easier approach, logistics and special regulations that we have to follow regarding COVID 19, we decided to change the location of event to one of the most beautifull location beside Savinja river, that is Mestna plaža Celje. The location offers beautifull views, pure nature and a lot of free space for relaxation before and after the event.

There will be special places with tents for desinfection toalet places and all the infrastructure required for organizing such a big event. A lot of free public parking spaces are really close to the venue so you do not have to worry about your car or motorbike.

Detailed pictures of microlocations will be psoted this days. Also we are already asking that all participants follow COVID 19 special safety rules inforced by organizers, security personel and people work to make this event something special. We are waiting for you.

Thanks for understanding

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