LAST DAY to pay the early birds entry fee
OGIS Ultra trail Savinja has a “green light” for start

In this devistating situations of COVID 19 pandemia that is influencing not just Slovenia and Croatia but unfoirtunately the whole world, our event can not be exception. All events in Croatia are canceled so as in Slovenia for unlimited time and we hope that situation will settle as soon as possible. Of course public health and safety are number one priority thats why we follow recomended guidelines.

Thats why we have to inform you that our PREMIER EVENT planned for 29th to 31st may, OGIS ULTRA TRAIL SAVINJA is rescheduled to the first weekend of september, when Celje already hosted traditional Ultra event Celje-Logarska dolina. So the NEW DATE is 4th to 6th september.


This does not mean that you still can not run, train and get ready for the event, but do that with normal precautions and safely. Only by doing this way you can stay healthy in good shape and ready for new goals that will apper soon. Also dont forget to eat healthy, get enough rest and sleep, so you are boosting immune system at full capacity and hopefully everything will be back to normal as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT for all the participants that already payed the entry fee:

  • entry fee will be valid for new date, 4th to 6th september
  • entry fee can be transfered FREE to event in 2021
  • entry fee can be transfered to any other event from our partners in 2020 FREE of charge (the complete list of events is available HERE)

If none of the options is acaptable for you, please send us the following info:

  • name and last name
  • address (street, number, city, post office)
  • date of the money transfer
  • amount of the money transfered
  • account at your bank and we will refund the entry fee deducted by bank and administration fees, to your account in 14 days


Thanks for understanding and hope to see you soon.

Best regards

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