UTS qualifying event for UTMB
Ultra trail Savinja part of ULTRA WEEKEND

Preparations for our biggest trail event are well underway. We are informing you that the last day to register by our cheapeaset entry fees is coming fast. The deadline for saving some money is tomorrow, 25th april when the entry fees for all the courses is increasing.

Soon there will be annoucmenet about our colaboration with DECATHLON STORES in Slovenia and Croatia. We will be offering the same posibillity as last year, so with buying good in their stores in amount of 20 EUR+ you will be able to get 10-50% discount on entry fee for OGIS ULTRA TRAIL SAVINJA. How will this be possible? Simple :).

You will just have to write the PROMO CODE (from your bill into our entry form) that you got in DECATHLON and we will have draw every 14 days and notify you about the discount you recived. You will simply deduct discount from your fee and transfer the money to our account.

Dont forget the entry is confirmed when the entry fee is payed.


Se you soon

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